Student Voice

  1. Presidency students getting the opportunity of complete development through rigorous but pleasant training packages during the course period.
  2. Orientation Training : Object – To develop self confidence among students to take up the course with pleasure and to get confident to acquire success through this Presidency mechanism.
  3. Life Skill Training : Object- To prepare students with different life building skills to acceptall changes in life as well as to face the future with confidence.
  4. Pre Placement Training ; Object – To prepare students to get selected in the job market of their choice.
  5. Periodic Training on emerging issues:- Lecture & practical sessions are being arranged by industry experts on different upcoming or burning issues. Example: Change management, EKS, Cyber security, Digital marketing etc
  6. Training on academic schedule: – Students visit industrial houses &  corporate offices once in every fortnight under the UNIT VISIT programme and get exposed to get expose to the corporate culture. This is a day long activity in any near by industrial houses.
  7. Training on Industrial Tour:-  On every semester students visit different places beyond the – state – Bangalre, Hyderabad, Pune etc ;  for a week long programme and visits pre scheduled industries . Collects data and information, upon their related area of specialisation and prepares IT report at the end of the corresponding semester.
  8. Overseas training : – Overseas industrial visit, corporate interaction and visit of foreign academia is also a part of the PGDM programme. All students can avail this opportunity as an optional and additional aid to their professional well being.
  9. Summer Internship Training (SIP) : During Summer off; PG Students need to work in any pre scheduled industry for Two months and UG students for one month; to know the use of theory in practice. At the end they need to submit the reprt for evaluation and award of marks.
  10. Summer camp : – While the summer vacation gives students the chance to enjoy a break, it also provides time to engage in activities of self-improvement. We offer additional courses during the summer that cover topics such as spoken English, programming languages, project training and more.

Integrated Programs

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