Summer Internship

At Presidency College, we offer an exclusive summer internship program for our students. In this program, the students do internships in leading companies during their summer vacations. During the internship, they work for the company under the guidance of senior professionals. They are awarded a certificate from the company on the successful completion of their internship.

Perks of Our Summer Internship Program

  1. Excellent Corporate Exposure

The students can gain immense exposure to working in the corporate world during their course itself by doing a summer internship. This helps them in getting familiar with the environment of the industry and preparing themselves to adapt according to it.

  1. Industry-Specific Skills

Summer internship opportunities offered by Presidency College are a great way of enhancing the skills which you already have and learning the new skills as per the demands of the industry. While working on live projects, you can acquire the necessary skills and knowledge that can help you in becoming a proficient corporate professional.

  1. Practical Application of Knowledge

During the internship, the students are able to practically implement the knowledge and theoretical concepts learned in the classroom in real-time projects and applications. This help in gaining a deeper understanding of the concepts.

  1. Valuable Work Experience

Summer internships are helpful in obtaining a handful of experience of working in your field at a renowned company. This experience comes into count at the time of your placement and can be very effective in getting a good job.

  1. Making the Right Decision

Summer internships are not only beneficial in terms of experience and exposure, but they can also be handy for you in making the right choice for your career. You can actually realize how it is to work in the field in which you are aspiring to make your career. And if you don’t find it suitable, you have the appropriate time to switch to a different field.

Presidency College has links and collaborations with the top companies of India. We provide our students with excellent summer internship opportunities. Join us to get the best exposure to the corporate industry.

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