Structure and Curriculum


The Presidency College Berhampur is one of the premier Institutes in Odisha that offers PGDM(MBA) course since 2008 being approved by the AICTE, New Delhi. It is a highly sought-after program that enables students to pursue fruitful career in the field of management. This is done through well-formulated course material, advanced teaching practices and distinguished placement opportunities in global companies.


The two-year course is divided into four semesters. The curriculum for the course is evenly divided across the four semesters. Following this structure provides students with ample time to understand the fundamental concepts and theories of management as well as the opportunity to put those theories into application.

During the first year, all students take up the same subjects and classes. During the second year, students are given the option to choose from various electives in that cover different fundamental areas. Students can choose from elective subjects such as:

  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Human Resource Management
  • Retail & Logistic management
  • Hospital management & health services


The course is structured to encourage students to develop a sense of individualism and intellectual curiosity while also developing the skills needed for collaboration and teamwork. The PGDM(MBA) course gives focus on management education, which differentiates it from courses that only cover business management. This is done with the intent of enabling students to open their minds to new ideas and develop innovative leadership approaches.

The course combines case studies and fieldwork and places a strong emphasis on the study of concepts and theories. This creates a space for diversity; allowing students to challenge their ideas and develop the skill-set needed to successfully manoeuvre and thrive in the business world.

The course also provides additional grooming opportunities such as soft skills sessions, summer training programs with live projects, aptitude and reasoning classes, various workshops and seminars and much more. This encourages all-round development and better developed students for the work environment.

Career Benefits

Presidency College Berhampur has built a reputation for being one of the top management institutes in Orissa. This can be seen through the success of our alumni, who have held positions of leadership in industries & governments across the world. This also creates prime networking opportunities for new students. Students will have the chance to be guided and mentored in their careers by alumni who have enjoyed success in their fields.

At Presidency College, we are committed to preparing each student for a fruitful career in the field of their choice. We provide the necessary structure and educational material to prepare them for their future.

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