ACADEMIC:-  Intensive practical and case study based coaching provided by subject experts in different professional subjects;  incorporated by the university or statutory bodies, as the course syllabus. Regular classes arranged having five hours per day for six days in a week. Unit end evaluation as Unit test in every subject of study and at the end of the session Promotion test (PT) has been designed in the routine.  Besides,  three VSTs ( Very Similar Test) per subjects are included to have the end term examination experience and examination time management .


  1. Monthly Seminars and paper presentation.
  2. Bi Monthly Workshop.
  3. Group Presentation.
  4. Business Quiz.
  5. C2C Programme


  1. Guardian & Teachers Meet
  2. Annual Sports Meet
  3. Talent Hunt & Recognition
  4. Cultural meet & bonanza
  5. Charity Week


  1. GAT ( Group Action Tutorials)
  2. Self Appraisal Mechanism (SAM)
  3. Self defence martial art training for girls


  1. Foundation Day
  2. Independence Day
  3. Republic Day
  4. Teacher’s day


  1. Fresher’s Day
  2. Farewell day
  3. Ganesh Puja
  4. Saraswati Puja
  5. Presidency Annual Events – Prarambha, Prerana, Prayash

At Presidency College, we conduct regular programmes & activities to foster holistic growth and development of our students.

We at Presidency College host all these activities and more to keep students engaged and encourage all-round development during their college years.

Integrated Programs

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