We follow an engaging mentorship system in our college. Under this system, we have divided the students of every class in groups of 10-12 students each. One teacher is allocated to each group as a mentor, who takes care of the issues faced by the students in the college and their needs. The mentor guides the students in the best possible ways.

The mentors play a very important role and act as a bridge between the students and the college management. They bring the issues and requirements of the students in the notice of the college management. This helps the college management to understand the perspective of students and work on those factors.

This mentorship program is also very helpful for the students as it gives them a sense of support and confidence. It improves the relation between the students and the teachers. With a lot of interaction, the purpose of this system is to provide a friendly environment for the students in the college. It allows them to give voice to their views and gives them a platform to share those views. The students can also give their suggestions to the mentors regarding any change or improvement they wish to see in the college.

Integrated Programs

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