Established in 1988, Presidency College has one of the loveliest campuses in Odisha. Spread over an area of 8 acres, our lush green campus is equipped with state of the art infrastructure. Some of the salient features of our campus are as follows –

  1. High-speed internet Wi-Fi

In our campus, we offer high-speed internet connectivity to the students through Wi-Fi. The students can use this facility for doing research for their project or for watching video tutorials.

  1. Smart Classrooms & E learning

Our classrooms make use of the latest technology to enhance the learning experience of the students. These are equipped with features like projectors and LED screens for audio-visual learning. In the era of digitalisation, tools like e-learning and visual learning can be very effective in the world of education. With the help of these tools, the students can learn the concepts from expert teachers located far away from the campus, without being present in the classroom.

  1. ERP Portal

The records of all the students, as well as teachers, are maintained on our specially designed ERP portal. With the help of this portal, it becomes easier to access the record of an individual.

  1. Computer Lab

Our computer lab is equipped with hi-tech computers powered by the latest technological features. In our computers, we have high-speed processors and powerful software tools for practice and research by the students.

  1. Personality Studio

We have a dedicated personality studio on our campus with expert professionals committed for helping  students in the best possible ways in developing their personality.

All the above features and facilities make Presidency College as one of the best colleges for professional  education in Odisha.

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