Unit Visit-

To make experience of real world apart from study twice a year students are visit different industries under guidance of a senior faculty to vizag steel plant,IRE,Heritage and many more in the pipeleine.Students are well experienced due to the unit visit.

IT Tour Every year we organize industrial tour for our BCA, BBA and PGDM students in the time of November and December for a week.

                We organize IT Tour in Bangalore, Vizag and Hyderabad for different batches. It explores students knowledge and guides them how to work in practical environment.

Apart from learning they enjoy a week together, which allows them to live with coordination and cooperation and with mutual help.

Summer Training-

Summer is not for only relax. It is the time to improve yourself. So by our college in the summer vacation students get a chance of learning of spoken English, various programming languages, project training.

Students get a chance of learning these extra courses by highly qualified and experienced teachers who has a rich industrial experience

Talent Hunt-

Finding the extra talent of the students a program called “PRAYASH” organized after completing their class room activities and enjoy by participating different competition such as cooked food, corporate grooming, ad-mad show, poster making, theme painting ,voice of presidency, foot fast and more in the pipe line. Every talent get recognized their own talent.

Extracurricular Activities-

Apart from study to improve the quality of students some activities such as ‘English Day’ organized on every Thursday to improve the communication of our students.

                Seminar week is conducted every Tuesday to improve the outside knowledge by making research on different topics that they are given.


Health is wealth. So to make fit our students every year annual sports is organized and students are awarded on the basis of their performance on same day of sports. This sport meet every year falls on February.

Guru Blessing Ceremony-

A Guru(teacher) is the god for the students. He nurtures them by his own heart. Every year on September 5 we organize Guru blessing ceremony as like ancient Gurukul. Well renowned teachers become guest on that day to bless our students.


Saraswati Puja-Every year we celebrate Saraswati Puja with full interest and enthusiasm. In this way students get blessed by God.

Ganesh Puja-Ganesh Puja is another important religion we celebrate with our student.

Observatory Day

Independence Day-Every year on the day of 15th August we celebrate Independence Day to feel proud on our Nationalism. In this day we organize patriotic events and offer prize to winner students to create zeal.

Republic DayOn this day of 26th Jan every year we celebrate republic day to sovereignty of India Republic and make our students feel the importance of their work for the national building.

Orientation drive-At the time of starting session we organize 7 days orientation drive by different corporate and trainings experts to motivate our students for their future building.

Campus to corporate

Every year we do campus to corporate programme to cater with the practical environment. This year we have done 8 C2C programme.


GAT is a group action tutorial .It is a special management class when students choose teachers to learn their doubt subject.

                We do this programme foreign management colleges use to do.

It makes students to understand better on a certain subject of their choice.

Annual Function-At the end of the session we celebrate our Annual Day as “PRERANA” and the Prize distribution ceremony “PRAYASH” to offer prize to meritorian students of different area.

Blood Donation Camp-Every year on 1st Nov a Blood Donation Camp is organized by Presidency College in the collaboration of MKCG, Medical College & HDFC Bank. Near about 100 units of blood are collected for the social use. Every student participates in this programme every year.

Charity Programme-Every year 1st week of November Presidency College organized a charity week and throughout the week every day college visit different orphan centre,oldage home etc. and make some program and spent the whole day with them and try to make them happy and try to fulfill their needs as per our ability.

Integrated Programs

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